Why Your Business Needs to Have a Blog

Why Your Business Needs to Have a Blog

You’ve probably heard the word “blogging” tossed around for years now. Marketing experts all over the country have been exclaiming “You need a blog!” and “Content is King!” for over a decade.

In some ways the blogging battle cry can be a little misleading. Many business owners might think that if they have a blog, it automatically means more traffic to their website, which, in turn, equals more profits.

But, it’s not that easy. Simply having a blog does not guarantee success. There are, however, many benefits to blogging that that you as a business owner should consider when deciding whether or not to start a blog.

The Benefits of Blogging

If you find yourself wondering, ‘Should my business have a blog,’ the short answer to that question is a resounding YES. The benefits of having a blog on your company website are real and concrete, not an ephemeral promise to “grow your business”.

Become the authority in your industry

One of the main benefits of having a company blog is that you can use it to become a thought leader in your particular industry, area, or topic. When you start sharing information about your field, you demonstrate that you really know what you’re talking about.

You control the conversation

Blogs are a great place to not only demonstrate the depth of your knowledge, but are also where you can show off your company culture and promote your brand. Showcase your values, how you work with clients, or your latest projects to give clients (and potential clients) a window into your world.

Increase your online visibility

As the world of search engine optimization changes, one thing remains steady: the quality of the content on your site has an impact on where you rank with the search engines. Having a blog where you post content that is relevant and helpful about your industry will increase your chances of ranking better.

Pro tip: Think about your potential customers when you write. What questions do you answer every day? What problems can you help your customers solve? Write about those topics and you’ll not only demonstrate your leadership, you’ll also be helping to educate your clients about your business. When you’re the “go-to” guy in your area of expertise, you’re creating a relationship of trust with those potential clients.

Blogging is more than a buzzword. It’s a popular, relatively easy way to promote your knowledge, connect with clients, and increase your visibility. While starting a blog doesn’t equal instant success, you’ll certainly be heading in the right direction.

If you’re stuck with how to get started, or need some advice about the best way to begin, we can help you out.