Web Design

What Does Your Website Say About You?

Let’s face it. First impressions matter. They matter when you walk into a room. They matter when you answer the phone. And they definitely matter when a visitor comes to your website.

The thing about first impressions is that they tend to happen when you don’t even know it. Your potential clients are looking for a lawyer or accountant online at any time of the day or night. What first impression are visitors getting when they find your website?

Think about it: Have you ever looked up a business online only to find their website was out-of-date and looks as if it was built more than a decade ago? And still doesn’t provide the basic info you seek?

Or what about this: Have you ever clicked a link someone sent you in an email on your phone and been taken to a site where the text was so small you couldn’t read anything?

Annoying, isn’t it?

If your law firm, accounting firm or business doesn’t have an updated website, this is likely the same feeling your potential clients get when they find you. Annoyed. Frustrated. And done. They’re moving on.

How much business are you leaving on the table by not having a modern, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, informative website? You’ll probably never know.

Make a Good (First) Impression

In the 18 years I’ve been consulting with professional services firms, I’ve heard the same excuse over and over: “We get our business from referrals. We’re a referral-based practice. We don’t want random leads from online.”

Sound familiar?

News flash. Having a website isn’t just about bringing in more business. It’s about making your business look its best. It’s the virtual equivalent to standing up straight, putting your shoulders back, holding your head high, and walking confidently into a room. People take notice of you for all the right reasons, even when you don’t know who’s looking.

A website works even when you don’t. It’s always open. It provides information about your business, how you work, what you do, and how to get in touch with you even when your office is closed. It’s a way to start a conversation, demonstrate your expertise and experience, and talk about how you can help your potential clients.

In my time working with professional service firms, I found that many didn’t see the benefit of having a modern online presence.

Here’s the thing: your potential clients have been trained by countless other businesses to expect to easily find your information online. Law and accounting firms no longer have the luxury of ignoring a website that fails to meet modern online standards.

Don’t worry. There’s a solution.

Have your website redesigned by someone who knows exactly how law firms, and accounting firms, work.

I spent 15 years of my career managing law and accounting firms. I understand the ins and outs of how professional service firms operate and I get the business of law firms. Firms I managed had a tendency to grow, including one that went from 20 attorneys when I started to 120 when I left!

Now, in addition to my business and marketing consulting services, my team and I design websites for professional service firms. We really know our stuff.

How Our Web Design Services Work

We start by talking to key stakeholders in the firm about overall marketing plans and goals and how your online representation fits into that plan. While I believe 100% that having a website is essential, in and of itself it is not a marketing plan. It should, however, be an integral part of a comprehensive plan (we can help with that, too).

  • First thing’s first: who are you targeting?
  • Then, what information are they looking for and how can we best present it to them?

Throughout the web design process, we’ll talk about your goals, how we’re going to achieve those goals, and how we’re going to measure results. Then my team of talented graphic designers, web developers, and writers will focus their expertise on making that plan a reality.

Stop leaving money online. Make your website work for you. Put your best foot forward and take back control of your first impressions.

So what are you waiting for? Call today for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.