Spirits & Spice

Spirits & Spice is a small chain of specialty stores.   THE place to find all things delicious including the highest quality spirits (whiskey lovers, take note), custom spice blends, amazing oils, vinegars and wine. They needed a new name, a new logo, new signage and everything in between. And they were on a VERY tight time schedule.
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Greenup Hartston & Rosenfeld LLP

A highly specialized law firm wanted to deliver their value system and high knowledge of their area in a clear, simple way. Mission accomplished.

Focus on Specialty.

This executive coach wanted to clearly communicate his differentiation. From guiding the vision to editing copy, we built a beautiful site that tells his unique story.

Ballard Rosenberg

Crisp, clean design. A highly respected employment law firm, this firm’s logo had become outdated and “clunky”, and their website was showing its age. We created a simple, crisp logo and built a website that was easy to navigate, allowed them to showcase their expertise and speaking engagements. Their attorney profiles were designed to allow visitors to quickly see the information that was most relevant to them.

Kurtz Franchise Law

A picture tells a thousand words! A sole practitioner worked in a variety of areas and wanted to grow his practice. We determined that rather than expanding his practice areas, the best growth plan was to narrow his focus. Franchise law is a specialty that he had in spades. After narrowing his practice to just franchise law, his firm expanded rapidly. When building his website, we used the logos of all the companies with whom his firm worked. It immediately told people the story of the firm’s breadth of experience.

Belfer Simon Insurance, Inc.

Focus on their specialty. These insurance agents had a unique specialty they wanted to emphasize. We determined that the best solution was to form a new entity to focus on that specialty. Working together, we defined their brand, developed their logo, created a new website and established a marketing plan for them moving forward.

David Young & Chad Gahr

Reinforce the message. This dynamic duo had a website through their brokerage house, but wanted something that really highlighted what they brought to the table. We created a website that highlighted their experience while retaining the feel of their corporate site. Integrating smoothly to their property listing software, the site provides potential clients the information they need to know.

Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council

Community Outreach. The Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council represents the stakeholders of the Woodland Hills and Warner Center neighborhoods. We created a website that creates community and focuses on improving the quality of life in the neighborhood, ensuring the delivery of City services and educating the stakeholders on how to better participate in City government.