Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Does this sound familiar?

Your phone has been ringing all morning. The light that shows new voicemails flashes incessantly. The count of unread emails seems to multiply second by second. Accounting needs your signature on several documents. The sales team needs your help with a batch of new leads.

It’s just too much. There are so many things that need your attention, you don’t know where to begin. You worry that your business has gotten out of control and that growth is impossible. You can only be in so many places at once and it feels like every aspect of your business needs you!

Or how about this?

Things seem to be under control. Mostly. The business has been growing for the past several years, but you keep getting customer complaints about one particular area of your business.

You address the complaints with your staff and they assure you they are handling the issue. You feel better for a little while – until you receive another round of complaints about the same issue.

Here’s the scary part: you have no idea what the problem really is and how you can fix it! Your staff is telling you one thing, your customers another. Who’s right? It’s so confusing!

We know the feeling. Sheri Adams has spent over 30 years managing every type of business – from law and accounting firms to software to online fashion shops and gourmet food. She has started businesses from the ground floor and turned around businesses on the brink of failure. Through all that, she’s seen what works – and what doesn’t.

The good news? You can get back in control of your business.

That’s right. Growth is not out of reach. Peace of mind is possible. When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s not easy to give yourself the space you need to figure out where things are breaking down.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You know your business and your customers better than anyone, but figuring out where to go just isn’t happening.

That’s where we come in. You are the expert in your subject matter and particular line of work. We are the experts in systems, processes, and marketing.

Take Back Control

Imagine for a moment what your ideal work day would look like. What would you be doing? How would things run? How would it feel to have everyone on the same page knowing exactly what’s expected of them? How would it feel to be able to focus on the bigger picture instead of the day-to-day grind?

Relief? Excitement?

So how do you get from here… to there?

It starts with a phone call, a phone call that leads to a free consultation. It’s the first step towards reclaiming your peace of mind, and it’s that simple.

How Our Business Consulting Works

We start by talking to everyone who is integral to how your business is run: key stakeholders, C-suite executives, customers, employees, vendors. We’ll talk about:

  • What’s working? How can it be better?
  • What’s not? What needs to change so things can improve?

We help bring clarity to “how we do it here”, help you decide what success looks like and how to measure it, and create a plan for getting there. We want to help you get everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal.

We help you figure out how to drive your business instead of letting your business drive you.

Enough sleepless nights and headache-filled days. Get out of the reactive and into the proactive. Take the first step to reclaiming your business – and your life.